Sunday, 30 June 2013

Manila Haul!

We don’t really have a variety of clothing brands here in Auckland, so every time I come home to Manila, I sort of go crazy…well, okay I begin to spaz at the mere sight of a mall and then go totally crazy and shop until I’ve literally entered the shops twice in one day to make sure I haven’t missed out on anything worth buying lol! Manila has become such a shopping haven already with so many clothing stores opening here and there. One that just recently opened when I was there was a Spanish brand called Suite Blanco at the SM Aura Mall and I loved all their stuff, plus the prices were pretty reasonable too. Everyone that loves a carefree urban chic outfit must go and check it out! I went to my usual stops, Topshop and Zara, and there was never a time that I left both stores empty handed. There is always something to buy in Topshop and Zara haha! I also went on a little splurge and treated myself to a neat pair of Celine sunglasses which I have been wanting for such a long time and my oh so fabulous mom got me a cute Kate Spade satchel which I adore so much! I can’t wait to share ootd posts again!
Gonna start saving up again now.
‘Til next time!
See ya! xx

Ripped Jeans and Chunky Boots

I was in my lovely homeland, the Philippines, and the weather was pretty warm but it was typhoon season there again. I decided to wear my chunky Spice Girls inspired lace-up boots which I got from Topshop. It’s perfect for winter here in Auckland and it was quite handy for walking the streets of Manila where rain pours like there’s no tomorrow. My ripped-knee Jamie jeans from Topshop are my current obsession, plus it gave my knees a breather in the warm weather there lol! Credits to my sister Aya ( for the photos.

Sleeveless jacket - Glassons
Ripped Jamie Jeans and Chunky Boots - TOPSHOP 
Clutch - Mango
Sunglasses - Ray ban